Overview CAT

The Master program Contemporary Architectural Technology is developed by The Department Building Construction at The Faculty of Architecture, UACEG.

The training for acquiring professional qualification Contemporary Architectural Technology in Master’s Degree has to prepare professionals (architects) in the current issues of modern architectural technology. The Master program is established to build on the resulting base in this area of completed education – Master’s Degree of Architecture.

Upgrading and expanding the knowledge and the training of specialists – architects, requires substantial knowledge base in the professional field and good English level.

During the course students will be taught with the relevant aspects and problems in the field of:
- Architectural lighting
- Architectural acoustics
- Light membrane structures
- Problems of the facade envelope, contemporary roof solutions, floors, walls and more
- Specific contemporary solutions for building reconstructions
- Energy efficient buildings and more

The program includes lectures on the listed issues and projects, designed in specific contemporary solutions.
In order to gain the best possible practical skills in designing, the program also provides specialized course in computer technology – three-dimensional visualization and architectural drawing.

The master program Contemporary architectural technology has to prepare specialists (masters in architecture) in the current issues of contemporary architectural technology. The training provides adequate knowledge and skills related to contemporary architecture-constructive solutions, implemented in the last generations’ high-technology buildings and facilities.

In the educational process is based on the theoretical and practical approach for stimulating the use of knowledge in project development, and later in real practice.

The program includes group of subjects, which have an upgrading character. They are related to presentation and analysis of contemporary solutions that change architectural mind to create architecture through high-tech constructions and details. The course follows specific tendencies in developing some unique coating and facade structures and their specific acoustic, lighting and energy efficient problems. The building is considered as a complex structure with a specific technology to solve some building-construction problems.

The training in contemporary architectural technologies encourages students to analyze correctly all the complex building-construction problems in one modern high-tech building through analysis of the relations between: function, high-tech construction, architectural form, building envelope, high-tech coatings.

Master in contemporary architectural technology will be prepared in the following areas: be familiar with contemporary systems and materials for building facades structures for storey and hall buildings with their specific constructive, operational and functional problems; be familiar with contemporary coatings for long span buildings and how to resolve their problems; to analyze the architectural space in order to create a favorable acoustic, lighting and energy efficient environment; ability to design projects successfully and to apply knowledge from theoretical subjects; ability to rethinking and self-reflective of own design approach, using gained knowledge from the training; to form a critical assessment to  the current architectural environment.

The program develops creative and critical thinking of students and their ability to analyze the existing architectural environment. Disciplines in the program are based on the latest technological developments and realizations of leading world companies. The lecturers are prominent specialist – engineers and architects, representatives or direct participants in these studies.