Design methods by Rudy Ricciotti and Georges Heintz – results.

22.05.2015 at 12:14

On 29.04.2015 in Sofia we had the pleasure to meet Rudy Ricciotti and Georges Heintz as lecturers of the ATC Masters’ program.

The students were given two project assignments in advance, so at arriving the architects could make comments about the works.

These were the assignments, that complemented each other:

PROJECT 1 by Professor Rudy Ricciotti: The Concrete Tower: The tower must have concrete structural facades. The tower’s program is housing.

PROJECT 2 by Professor Georges Heintz: A horizontal slab or a socle to combine with the Ricciotti tower in any way (attached or not but connected by intent): In any material, as long it is NOT concrete Of any program, as long as it is NOT housing It must be your best, open-minded, and free-thinking rendering, as long as it is professional.

Both Ricciotti and Heintz were pleased with the results.

Professor Heintz made a comment on each student’s work in person, which we really appreciate.

Since Rudy Ricciotti‘s lecture was later in the evening, he sent us grades and short comments afterwards.

“The students worked well. Projects were very different from each other. Thank you to them for this interesting work answering this problematic of the concrete tower. I wish to express my gratitude for the warmth of your welcome in Sofia, the listening quality of the conference, it was a real pleasure. Thank you very much.” - Rudy Ricciotti

We are very grateful as well!

Mila Zlatanova received personal compliments by Rudy Ricciotti for her work.

The students had mentors for this task and their support was irreplaceable. Thank you arch. Antonina Ilieva, arch. Donika Georgieva, arch. Todor Mihaylov, arch. Plamen Bratkov!