Assignment for Contemporary Architectural Phenomena II

21.02.2015 at 12:49

Please select one of the following assignments:

  1. Design a spatial temporary installation on the theme “Contemporary Architectural Phenomena” at the SAMCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia. Please choose any topic discussed in the course and try to illustrate it by means of a site specific art installation. You can choose to work either in the interior of the museum or the exterior surrounding the museum.

Contents: situation, concept, plan, visuals, illustrating structure, materials and detailing, preferably a model

Format – A1

  1. Write a research paper of approx. 5000 words on the topic of “Relationship between theory and practice of an architect”. Please select a contemporary architect who is a writer as well, select one or more of his buildings and try to relate his theoretical writings to his architectural works. Make a brief summary of 250 words and a reference list.

    2015 Submission deadline: 16th of March 2015 10am